Why Choose Pasture Raised Chicken?

Why should you choose our pasture-raised, organic-fed chicken over the chicken you can buy at the local market? Because it’s healthier! The chickens are raised healthier, and that makes the products we sell healthier for you. So maybe you’re asking “What makes Figbo chicken healthier?” Well, let us explain the difference:

Typical market sold chicken comes from a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation). This is the standard commercial chicken operation which is usually situated in a barn that is very much warehouse-like, complete with a cement floor. Each bird has approximately only half a square foot of space.

The chicken that Figbo sells is pasture-raised and organic fed. The birds are protected from predators in an outdoor, electrified fenced area. Inside this area, each bird has plenty of space to forage and peck. They are rotated around every other day and are protected from direct hot sun and rain by tarp-covered structures. For the majority of their lives, they are exposed to fresh air and healthy, all-natural food.

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