Why Support Your Local Farmers?

Boost Local Economy

By supporting local farms, you are helping stimulate and grow your region’s economy. Your dollars are an investment in local businesses that will in turn help grow local businesses which depend on area farms. Buying local makes the economy efficient by keeping the local economy alive.

Protect the Environment

In order to provide the supply chain with packaged foods and mass-produced food, multinational organizations are increasingly using farming techniques that negatively impact the environment. These methods can rapidly degrade the water and soil quality of a region, along with increased air pollution and damage to an ecosystem. By supporting local farms, you can help protect the environment and create a brighter future for your region.

Eating Healthier

Rather than feeding your family packaged goods and genetically-modified vegetables and fruits, you can get fresh produce from a farm that uses organic methods to grow their crops. Often, produce from local farms can go from the field to your dining table in less than 48 hours.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

By supporting small family farms, you are not only enabling long-time family farms to once again thrive, you are also empowering a new generation of farmers to apply new methods and techniques to create businesses that provide fresh, organic meat and produce.

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