Jones Family Farm, Lopez Island, WA

The Jones Family Farm is family-owned and family-operated farm in Lopez Island. They started out in commercial fishing but as the family grew with small children, they veered from the fishing aspect and turned their focus on producing livestock.  Raising cattle on leased land so they could naturally graze off the land as nature intended, they ventured in to raising grass-fed goats and pasture-raised pigs as well.

The beef they provide Figbo is their Angus Devon cross-bred cattle which are finished with all natural feed for 36 months minimum or to the ideal fat conditioning and meat marbling. The cattle is then slaughtered on the farm by a mobile unit and then sent to be dry-aged for approximately two weeks. This gives the beef you buy from Figbo a rich flavor and a tender cut of meat product.



Jones farm’s Angus, Devon-cross cattle are born and raised on Lopez Island and entirely grass fed. They are raised to a minimum of 36 months of age or a point of ideal fat condition and meat marbling. Cows are slaughtered on farm by a mobile unit and hauled to Bow, WA to be dry-aged, the old-fashioned way, for at least 2 weeks in order to get a rich, tender and flavorful product. The main focus is to producing excellent quality, well-marbled and flavorful beef.


Jones farm’s Hampshire hogs are born on the farm raised on free range, diverse pasture and forage crops where they eat their fill of forage grasses, plant roots, bugs and grubs from the soil. A mixed organic grain ration serves as the bulk of their diet. Hogs are slaughtered at eight months to a year of age. Growing tasty and healthful pork naturally is an integral part of our grazing and pasture management program.


Jones farm’s goat is 100% grass-fed and free-range pastured. Jones farm selects slower growing heritage breeds for meats that have deeper, higher quality flavor and a balanced fat finish.


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