Osprey Hill Farm, Acme, WA

Figbo Family Farms:

Osprey Hill Farm is run by amazing people who believe good food should be affordable and available to everyone. This is food which is clean of any chemicals and preservatives. They strive to make sure their foods are accessible to anyone, including under-served communities. The concept and basis for Osprey Hill Farm started 18 years ago.

DSC_0090It started out simple: A boy meets a girl as he was on his way to becoming a doctor and she a dietician. They fell in love and traveled the West Coast in their VW van. Along the way, they discovered they both had a desire and passion for healthy food. And as they went along in life, three children were born. The briefcases and the stethoscope would be replaced by plows and tractors.  They had dreams of making it available to more people and thus, their passion for farming blossomed into a business.


Osprey Hill is taking big steps towards sustainability. Diversity is important in maintaining ecological balance and we strike that equilibrium by producing both livestock and vegetables which, in turn, create a closed loop system. The animal by-products provide the nourishment our soil needs and the vegetable waste provides important nutrients for our animals. While the work is hard and they days are long, we love the challenges of running a farm. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a home-grown meal and we are pleased to share the fruits of our labor with you.

Osprey Hill Pasture Raised chicken is honest to goodness quality that is reminiscent of days gone by. We’re proud to offer chicken that is raised with care on fresh grass under the open sky. Our flocks are fed a 100% Washington grown diet of seed, grains, and legumes which is corn & soy free, verified GMO free, and always without added hormones or steroids. Since 2004, Osprey Hill has been committed to producing the highest-quality, best tasting poultry for you and your family.

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