What’s Wrong With Grass Fed Beef From Grocery Stores?

When you read a label that says Grass Fed Beef doesn’t mean the cattle where the beef came from were 100% grass fed. It is common for ranchers to have fed their cattle corn along with grass. Many times the herd is sent to a fed-lot where they are grain-finished fed to fatten them up. But according to the USDA guidelines, if they are grass-fed at any point of their lives, the labeling can state the beef is from grass-fed cattle. This means that a grass-fed beef label really doesn’t have any substantial meaning.

The beef we sell here at Figbo is all-organic, 100% grass-fed raised cattle. When we say our beef is grass-fed, that means the cattle was not given any chemically induced feed, corn or grain given to the cattle where the meat came from. We won’t sell beef that has been fattened up on corn and grain before going to slaughter. And while it may cost a little more than the grass-fed labeled beef you get from retail stores, it is healthier meat. Because the cows were fed healthier, this makes for healthier meat for you and us.

You may wonder if 60 to 190 days of being corn fed can really make much difference when the biggest part of a cow’s life was grass-fed. What the producers of corn-finished meat won’t put on their label, is how much a cow’s nutrient profile changes towards the end. The animals’ tissues will have a decrease in the amount of CLA and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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