Farmbox Greens

Farmbox Greens is a small family-run company exploring the cutting edge of low-impact urban farming. Their microgreens and pea shoots are grown indoors in Seattle, Washington using soil-free aeroponic and hydroponic technology. After germination their plants are grown in a cloth medium sprayed or irrigated with nutrient-fortified water. Any water not absorbed by the plants is re-circulated to be used again. The plants get the light they need to grow from high-efficiency LEDs, ensuring as little electricity is used as possible.

Because of the way they’re grown, Farmbox Greens are available year round, far more sustainable than conventional farming, and grown without herbicides or pesticides. Farmbox’s methods use 80% to 95% less water than conventional farming, eliminate harmful fertilizer runoff, and use far less land due to vertical farming techniques. They are hand cut and packed to ensure the quality of the finished product is superb.

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