New Baby Inspires New Business in the Local Food Movement

Sammamish, WA –  With the arrival of a new baby, making continual trips to the grocery store and farmers market was unrealistic for Sammamish, Washington residents Vamsi Komanapalli and Swapna Savvana. So what did they do? They created a business to bring fresh, organic food from local farms right to their doorstep, and Figbo was born.

The subscription food box is not a new idea, nor is the trend to purchase local food, but marrying organic food with local community farms and artisans, and offering consistency and convenience to both seller and buyer, brings  a new opportunity to local families.

“Figbo’s goal is simple and different than other food delivery systems,” said Vamsi Komanapalli, “In locating and curating sources for healthy, organic and locally grown food we’re hand-picking  healthy alternatives to the GMO and processed foods many people consume. And, it doesn’t travel thousands of miles!” With thorough inspections for food safety practices and high quality standards, Figbo is unique in it’s selection process. “Not every farm can join and sell with Figbo, and the buyer can trust the quality and selection, “ he said.

Figbo offers local farmers and producers a better option to sell their products. According to Komanapalli, “Farmers have limited staff and resources, they don’t have time to work at weekly farmers markets, they don’t have time to arrange for wholesale deliveries. Farmers need to be growing and handling the day-to-day operations, no matter the season.” Figbo staff manages the procurement of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and artisan products, like cheese and honey, and provides the required packaging to the farmer, who arranges for pick-up. . Customers place an online order on a subscription basis, choosing the type and variety of products desired for a regularly scheduled delivery.

Sara Jones,owner of  Jones Family Farm Farms in Lopez Island, WA, recently discovered this new delivery system. “I needed to consolidate my marketing and sales efforts,” Jones said, “It was just getting too out of hand to manage multiple outlets.” With Figbo providing the boxes, packaging, and recipes, Jones  doesn’t have to go anywhere, she just waits for USPS to pick  up..

An early customer says, “I receive a Figbo box on a regular basis and its freshness is guaranteed. I know the quality of the products are consistent and have been personally selected for high standards and quality. Then it’s delivered right to my door, what could be more convenient than that?”

Fostering the infrastructure and local connection between the farms and the communities they serve was the main goal in creating Figbo. Komanapalli says, “Our commitment is to help small local farms throughout the State of Washington thrive once again and to make healthier, organic, home-grown food more accessible.” He added, “Figbo is a bridge to healthy eating for many families, not just ours.”


Nutritious products are delivered from local farmers and producers who use organic methods to produce food. Every product in the Figbo box is hand-picked from local farms, ranches, growers and producers. Figbo stands by the freshness of produce, and the quality of meat. To learn more visit or

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