Customize Your Box – New Feature Release

We no longer accept customizations through forms each month. Instead, we are working on a one-time survey to find your food preferences. Till then, you can email your special food preferences, if any.

We know food is a preference, so we want to give you complete control on what products are added to your box. Today we are releasing a feature to enable customizations to your monthly food boxes.

By default, you will receive curated products from experts at Figbo. In case you want to substitute or add different set of products, you are free to do so.

Monthly Delivery:

  1. Every month on 11th you will receive an email notification with details about the products in the next delivery.
  2. You will have 2 days (till midnight of 12th) to customize you box, if needed.

Weekly Delivery:

  1. Every week on Sunday morning you will receive an email notification with details about the products in the Thursday delivery.
  2. You need to customize your box by Monday 4PM.

This is how it works:

  1. To customize your box, you need to login to your account and click on the ‘Launch Me’ button in the subscription details.
  2. This will launch the form where you can see a list of available products for the next delivery.
  3. Choose products that you would like to be delivered to you.
  4. Submit the form and we will work with farms to get you the selected products.

It’s that simple!

View Demo


4 thoughts on “Customize Your Box – New Feature Release

Add yours

  1. demo worked this am – just had to get through the first screen by picking a thumb –

    this looks better – also when you get there might be nice to be able to pick more than one of a particular cut for example I might want to have enough Filet Mignon for company too for a special occasion and would want 2 of them if available that month.


  2. Thanks Susan for trying it out. Yes, we are providing that option too. For example, If you select only 2 items, then we will increase the quantities based on price and availability.


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