Hedlin Farms, Mt. Vernon, WA

Rasmus Koudal would leave his homeland of Denmark and head to America for a better life. He landed at the mouth of the Skagit River, right in the heart of Skagit Valley in 1906 and decided to call this home.


In 1974, Dave Hedlin & Serena Campbell took up the farming on this family land. They grew fresh market beets, broccoli, cabbage seed, cauliflower, peas, and pickling cucumbers. The land and the weather are well suited to seed production and plant vernalization. This has enabled the Hedlin Farms to provide their family and many others market fresh produce for over 100 years.


The expertise in farming that the Hedlin family has, there are over 100 different crops of produce such as beefsteak tomatoes, beans, and blueberries. There are crops of carrots, lettuce, onions, pumpkins, snap peas, and squash. And even strawberries and Swiss chard are grown on this family farm. The produce that you want to feed your family come from Heldin Farms by way of Figbo, fresh and ready to be enjoyed.



Certified Organic – All of the field-grown fruits and vegetables are WSDA and USDA certified organic.

Pesticide Free – All greenhouse vegetables, (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cucumbers) are pesticide free.

Salmon Safe Certification – This is a whole-farm certification that requires adherence to practices that safeguard salmon habitat.

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