Chicken Is The King Of The Table

Chicken has become king of the table in America today. The consumption of beef per adult on the average is fifty to fifty-five pounds annually versus 75 to 80 pounds of chicken. There are many recipes from simple dishes to elegant dishes. It isn’t only healthier, but it more affordable than most cuts of beef for a family budget.

Chicken that is organically fed and pastured-raised have a lower risk of being fed contaminated feed. However, chicken that is labeled organic does not guarantee the chicken led a natural lifestyle. Asking for pasture-raised is a sure way to get the best chicken available.

Pasture-raised chicken comes from local farms that have only small flocks. They provide them a natural lifestyle where they can forage and peck, moving around naturally in the outdoors. Raised in this manner, the chicken you’ll get will be high in antioxidant nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and other daily recommended vitamins and less cholesterol.

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